• Best value business energy contracts

    No matter how large or small your business, Utilicomm will act on your behalf to secure the best value business contract for your gas, your electricity or both. Utilicomm provides an independent and transparent procurement service together with an on-going advisory service. Utilicomm will guide you and your business through the intricacies and complexity of the business utilities market.

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  • Pricing to suit your business needs

    With over 400 different pricing options in each of the 13 geographical supply areas, identifying the most suitable and cost effective supply contract for your business can be daunting and extremely time consuming. No matter how large or small your business or organisation is, Utilicomm will secure an appropriate and lowest cost supply contract for you.

    See our case studies for more information.
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  • Monitoring

    We enjoy long-standing business relationships with the UK energy suppliers and the buying power of our extensive client list ensures lower prices for your business. If your business qualifies Utilicomm will install its bespoke software monitoring platform at no cost.

    See how Utilicomm’s software monitoring will help your business.
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Free Service & Monitoring

Making an enquiry through Utilicomm involves no cost whatsoever. The only bills you pay will be to the regulated utility supplier for the energy that your business uses. Contact Utilicomm today for a better deal on your energy.

Efficient Energy

Utilicomm goes a lot further than just ensuring you pay less for your energy. Our free software platform, for those that qualify, constantly analyses your business energy consumption and identifies areas where on-going savings can be made.

30-day window

You must serve notice to terminate on your existing supplier no later than 120 days prior to your contract expiry date. If you don’t your business will be liable to be placed on a standard tariff which will always be significantly higher than a contracted rate.